What kind of pasta are you using? Note that it should be cooked in over low heat for a while before it will start to thicken anything. This recipe was delicious; loved by my family. Toss frequently until pasta is al dente and sauce has thickened, adding more pasta water as needed. It would also be great with peas! I’ll roast chicken breast and throw it in too, maybe some steamed broccoli …..Sunday dinner! so I did not add any cheese. I added a few dashes of red pepper flakes and the taste is great, but for some reason the cheese didn’t blend in well with the rest of the sauce and ended up being a tough clump on the bottom of my pot. Do you think that flavour would work well with this recipe? It is sooooo simple. -:) deb. I love pasta , but boiling  a big pot of water takes more time and effort than i have sometimes. Thanks! This took about half an hour to make which is great. And since I used linguini noodles they were perfectly done at the same time. We have a lunch meal rotation over the summer school break so we’re not always resorting to cereal or ramen (his two standbys). The flavor is a bit mild, and I added extra cheese and garlic. They all love it, and it’s pretty easy to make. This looks delicious and I’m going to try this tonight for dinner. You can make this easy spaghetti recipe in about 15 minutes, using just 5 ingredients!. This recipe yields 4 servings. Due to the fact that we have both vegetarians and meat eaters, I did a build your own pasta. Ok, this was RIDICULOUSLY easy and REALLY good. A simple and wonderfully endless options of a recipe. But this recipe was a saviour! Got the zucchini in the oven, then the pasta in the pan, and while those were cooking made the shrimp. Ours was very liquidy, not thick at all, but tasted great. If I mix in the additional items I usually double the liquid. This was very quick and easy although I did have to add more milk and chicken stock to mine to get it to cook to the right consistency. It’s tasty and it was super easy to make!! It takes a good bit of salt to flavor the pasta so don’t be afraid to salt. Add spaghetti to pot, followed by Parmesan, salt and pepper. I substituted half and half for the milk and it worked well. I have store bought fresh fettuccine. Making this version tonight! Its tempting to add more liquid but it will only make a runny, less rich result. YES, she put EVERYTHING together in one big pot, hamburger, sauce, pasta! It uses up that prepared spaghetti sauce you have in your pantry but is a little bit fancier and is even company-worthy. I would make this again, however, I would not add the noodles to the pot. Added chicken, was amazing! I would first try not using as much liquid perhaps, Then try adding extra cheese, and or substitute Heavy Cream for the milk. Pasta was amazingly delicious. Chefs Note: I used elbow macaroni pasta since it was all I had on hand, and I only had to simmer and stir for 12 minutes until it was deliciously creamy and ready to eat! I used 8oz of pasta, however I used spaghetti instead of fettucini. I recommend using your own judgement to convert this recipe to utilize a slow cooker. Just made this for the 2nd time and it was absolutely amazing!!!!! Most certainly, you can use water with Knorr Chicken Consomé. I was skeptical about this dish, having cooked pasta in boiling water for 50+ years, but it works! I have been making this recipe for years, I would give it a 10! Really looking forward to reading your posts This parmesan pasta looks absolutely divine! They’re so adorable! Add butter, olive oil and garlic and saute on med-low heat until butter is melted, then add red pepper flakes and saute. Definitely making this again! Anyways I picked up Pecorino Romano instead. Can’t wait to try it out – I LOVE pasta dishes, especially once the weather starts to cool off Thank you for sharing! Trying this tonight for supper. It’s good for a side dish, though, and so easy that I can see it becoming a regular go-to. This garlic mushroom pasta recipe is easy to make and incredibly delicious! Thanks. Delicious!!!! I didn’t realize until just now that the lemon and butter chicken and this recipe was from the same site – LOL. Satisfied my craving for restaurant food and aleviated my disdain for more than one dirty dish. Disaster struck when my local grocery was out of the boxed pasta mix. -Joe. Also, the recipe could use more cheese. I did have chicken broth, so I used water, then I added mushroom, peas, artichoke heart, and a few tablespoons of pesto. SO good! I just made this tonight, with fresh homemade pasta (because that’s what my husband wanted). I have made this pasta twice in the last 10 days because it’s easy and doesn’t heat up my kitchen. It’s easy and super delicious!! Made for dinner last night, used dried oregano as not fans of parsley, spaghetti for the pasta, used up some roast chicken added towards the end and stock made from the roast chicken. I reckon I’ll add some mushrooms next time. Mmm, I love a simple pasta dish! added a little white wine as well…. Even the pickiest eater in my house enjoyed this meal. Though I must say, it is very important that you use regular chicken broth/stock or chicken bone broth. A successful dish to add to our menu at home! yum yum yum! It was excellent and I used 2% milk cause that is what I had and worked well. Start with less liquid and add more as you go. Then out to see The Hobbit! We had it with some leftover grilled chicken and roasted brussel sprouts. It was AMAZING. Lauren, here is a great resource discussing their differences. I tried this the other night with organic 2% milk and a wedge of imported parmesan… amazing. Also, once noodles were fully submerged I simmered for 12 min. You can add meats and/or vegetables. I will be making this many more times! (Also, I am adding cooked chicken at the end.). Great starter meal for someone learning to cook! Me + pasta = BFF, and this pasta is totally on my ‘to-make’ list. . Using a different kind of cheese can result in a “gummy” texture. Meal was delicious, but the sauc didn’t thicken up as much as I would have liked. A little bit of liquid is normal during the cooking process. How much should I use and do I need to adjust the measurements? Thanks! When the pasta is cooked, reserve 1 cup of the pasta water and drain the pasta. I was looking for something simple and easy to make for dinner tonight….Your Awesome! Just made this for dinner. Thanks so much!!! Did not add the broth as pasta was already cooked, added more garlic, a tsp of chicken bouillon to add flavor and used grocery parmesan (not freshly grated) and it still turned out good. I am always looking for new side dishes and this is one I’ll definitely come back to again – thanks! I am just wondering wondering if you have any suggestions on making this with bow tie pasta instead? Looks beautiful and easy to follow! What kind of cheese did you use? I substituted whole wheat elbow macaroni- this is going in the regular rotation. Stir constantly until the shrimp is cooked through, and all ingredients are heated through. Will definitely be making this again! This was AMAZING!!!!! Easy, quick, and perfect for a family with kiddos . It should thicken up as it cools. One way that I make spaghetti taste better is by adding fresh garlic and Parmesan cheese. I added ground beef and broccoli with it and it came out superb! This is going to be my new go to meal. It smells absolutely incredible, tastes so amazing. This luscious pasta combines roasted kabocha squash in an incredibly savory creamy garlic sauce. You can certainly use spaghetti but because it is a thinner noodle than fettuccine, you may need to use less liquid. Seriously… the Homemade Garlic Parmesan Pasta Sauce is absolutely divine. Hi, this pasta recipe is amazing! Making it again soon!!! This recipe sounds great! OMG I made this today and it came out AMAZING! Any idea why? Thank goodness for your recipe, which my noncommittal son rated “okay” (This is high praise). Turned out great, even my picky eater loved it! Added bacon and peas and sliced the garlic (my husband likes big pieces). I would call this good but not great. Yummm. If serving with pasta, cook 8 ounces pasta while you make the sauce. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/its-time-to-end-the-war-on-salt/. Add … This is one of my favorite go to recipes. I grilled some chicken breasts and sliced it to add to the finished dish, and also tossed in some baby spinach in the last couple minutes. . Pinned this a while back and just made it …yummm!! I used really good chicken stock (better than bouillon), extra garlic, and a splash of fresh lemon juice at the end. Some nights just call for comfort food, and this tasty garlic parmesan spaghetti delivers BIG time!! Easy and totally doable!! The only problem I have with it is it turns into a soup and the Parmesan clumps at the bottom. Yes, absolutely, although you may have to add a little bit more liquid as needed. But, because I didn’t have parmesan I took some shredded mozzarella and threw it in the pot when it was still pretty liquidy and it actually turned out really creamy and delicious! Did you Make This Recipe? Thank you for this recipe! I feel the same:  I can’t thank her enough. Use whole lactose-free milk and you won’t regret it. It was delicious and super easy!! I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious. What are the nutritional facts for this recipe? I think this would make for a quick easy kids meal, but probably not again for my husband and myself. Thanks for this awesome recipe. I just had to post to say thank you. Oh my goodness!!!! Salt doesn’t kill anything. Fabulous. Great recipe! This recipe totally, totally rocks. So easy and damn tasty!!! Hi. I should have added a little milk at the end as dried very quickly but it didn’t matter. I used a crock pot to cook plain chicken, shredded, then added to the pasta. Also, I didn’t have chicken broth at the time, so I substituted it for 2 cups of milk instead of one it turned it fine and creamy. Endless variations indeed! I’ll be sure to use angel hair or some other smaller pasta next time. Also, it’s hard to figure out the equivalent amount of fresh pasta to dried, and I think the ratio is important to getting this right. I ended up needing to put in way more chicken broth and milk than the recipe calls for, and it still came out dry? Lemon Garlic Cream Sauce for Pasta, Garlic Cream Sauce for Chicken/Seafood/Pasta. I had to add additional broth as it had mostly boiled off before the fettuccine was fully cooked. Creamy garlic shrimp pasta is a lovely family dinner that you can make in less than 30 minutes. It was very liquidy.Is it possible that perhaps you should simmer covered? I had my doubts because…reular milk and broth. I’m glad I tried it though! However we’ve been eating gluten free pasta for so long this seems a bit gummy using Creamettes regular wheat pasta. Look it up. I had to drain the sauce part into a saucepan once the pasta was fully cooked and boil it down to an acceptable consistency. I did the same (this is a house of garlic fans) and it turned out divine. This is a great first recipe for homemade pasta sauce. I use 3.25% (homogenized milk) and Campbell’s chicken broth; if you have any ideas why it’s like this I’d be happy to know! Well, she did what you did, made one pot spaghetti! So simply, but so tasty! The garlic butter parmesan sauce is freshened up with a touch of lemon and parsley. Garlic Butter Pasta Shells with Parmesan Cheese. If I were to make it again, I’d would select a different shape pasta. This cheesy chicken pasta takes less than thirty minutes from start to finish and serves four people. Thanks! It’s so easy, and yet so delicious. The family devoured and loved it, delicious! Thanks for posting, I’m making this one again! ​Nutritional information is provided only for select and new recipes at this time. Absolutely delicious though! Love the combination of green onions with the garlic and parmesan. Whoa, what the h…. You may make a grownup version of the parmesan cheese sauce with the addition of wine to it. I doubled the garlic, used fat free Land O’Lakes half and half and added a pound of shrimp at the last ten minutes. Also, forgot to add the parsley, so I’ll have to remember that next time…and going to try adding a few dashes of hot sauce with the liquid too! This dish was very amazing and convenient! Really creamy! Thank you for this wonderful recipe. This was DELICIOUS! Toss the noodles and cook for 3-4 minutes. Please use your best judgment to make the appropriate substitutions to fit your dietary restrictions. Garlic Parmesan White Sauce is a dense creamy sauce produced from garlic, milk, flour, and Parmesan. Unfortunately, I do not recommend using mozzarella cheese in this recipe – the texture of the Parmesan cheese is crucial for the sauce. Made this for the second time. I knew based on what others did I could play with this recipe and I did. Did you use heavy cream? Made this last night with gluten free tagliatelle pasta and it was amazing! Garlic Parmesan spaghetti is a simple pasta dish that can be served as a side or main dish. do you have any suggestions for a replacement for chicken broth? Love, love, love the ease of preparation! This was so yummy. Ingredients: I’ve seen one-pot pastas floating around the internet but never before have I thought I NEED THAT RIGHT NOW. A+++. Really simple and really good! Made mine with beef stock, skim milk, and italian blend cheese (because it was all i had) and it still turned out super delicious. Think I can substitute spaghetti squash for reg pasta? I sautéed some mushrooms and spinach before I added the garlic, just to make it heartier. Then after adding the 2 cups homemade chicken stock and a cup of evaporated milk and a half pound of thin spaghetti, i  added a handful of frozen peas and a leftover pork chop, diced, and salt and pepper. Even my picky husband had seconds. Angel hair pasta is cooked in a mixture of chicken broth and milk until the pasta is perfectly aldente and swimming in a creamy sauce. Two generous portions. I can’t wait to try! We had to get some bread to soak up all the sauce to eat every bit. We also added broccoli and grilled chicken and it was really great for dinner and for lunch leftovers. Add garlic and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Just added chopped Roma tomatoes, some rotisserie chicken and fresh spinach in at the end. When my husband comes back from work, I’ll have him taste it and I’m sure he’s going to be conquered! window.adthrive.cmd.push(function() { Thanks for the recipe. Amazing ! Serve over pasta. I was running late so I had my husband make it and he’s not a cook by any means. Will make again. 7) Heat up your shrimp tomato spinach pasta, and season with salt and red pepper flakes. That’s what I happen to have in the fridge tonight:). Pour in cream and add a tablespoon of sour cream. She said it ties with pizza as the best food ever (I cannot over-emphasize what a compliment that is coming from her! Husband & 2 year old loved it <3. Thanks! Thanks so much for a great recipe! Still came out delicious!!! I substituted half and half for the milk and added bacon in it. Sounds delicate and delightful. . if (Math.random() > 0.5) { still turned out to be one of the best id ever made. Thank you for sharing! , You could prob add flour or cornstarch to thicken it and make it more of a sauce rather than soup, This is DAMN DELICIOUS! However, if it is not available for a specific recipe, it is best that you use free online resources at your discretion (you can gooogle “nutritional calculator”) to obtain such information. Turned out a bit runny in the end so I added two egg yolks and next time I would deglaze the pan with some white wine before adding the other liquid ingredients so you get some acidity that I was missing. Thankyou . This hearty pasta has a creamy sauce loaded with shredded mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. This is the closest I’ve come to an authentic Alfredo experience in years, since my daughter was diagnosed LI. Jump to Recipe. Tips & Tidbits for my Parmesan Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce with Fettuccine: Fettuccine pasta: Fettuccine is my pick for this recipe, but feel free to use linguini, or even pappardelle pasta. Quick, easy and delicious. I used the recomended 4 cloves of garlic and found it to be A LOT of garlic. We only have either/or in the fridge tonight , Can’t wait to try it – I’ll report back . I used 1% Milk since I am a Weight Watchers member, and when I put the recipe through the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers’ site, it came out to 6 points plus! and I love that it all cooks together in 1 pot! I loved this pasta! This recipe is super easy and my kids continue to ask for it all the time. ‘Twas amazing! There is no creaminess to the pasta And it didn’t seem like a sauce with any fitness. Just account for that if you use in a recipe if it calls for it. This was so good and easy! I followed exactly the measurements but I used dry parsley. The Trick to Extra Creamy Sauce. Tried this today. I doubled the recipe so I used my large round LeCreuset pan. Thank you! I added in mushrooms and spinach and it was a perfect dinner. The garlic butter parmesan sauce is freshened up with a touch of lemon and parsley. but for some reason it refuses to thicken. Yes, absolutely, but cooking time may have to be adjusted as needed. This was so yummy!!! Made it tonight. Perfectly lightly sauced without being heavy, definitely making this a weekly easy meal.!!!!! And it’s also very cheap as well. I can already feel my tastebuds tingling. Required fields are marked *, Your Rating * So it is making right now. Mine came out a bit salty, but I wasn’t paying attention! All that said and done – fantastic! It sounds awesome would recommend for family & friends . I had two large cutlets left over so I hate wasting food so I thought what could it hurt? This was excellent. Yay! Thanks! Weight Watchers Pasta with Garlic Sauce Recipe. My dear son made the Garlic Butter Shrimp Scampi recipe (from this site) for dinner the other night and served it with this pasta and some steamed broccoli. It was a huge hit. No trip to the store, ya! Thank you!! Yum. I tried it last night, adding a tad more cheese than the recipe, as well as chunks of chicken I precooked on the side then tossed in with the pasta right before serving just to coat and reheat a little. Ye’Ha! I find that this is best when freshly grated Parmesan and fettuccine is used but as always, please use your best judgment. I’m not sure if this was asked previously; but, can I do this with a chicken-and-cheese-filled ravioli? Just made this! Hubby always asks if a new recipe is yours. I’d like to make this kosher! If I have any veggies on hand, I love adding spinach. This was fantastic and so easy! Super easy and delicious. OMG WOW! It will be a very easy recipe to adapt and add to if you wanted to. Trina – thank you for trying my recipe! I do not eat meat and was wondering if vegetable broth would work for the added flavor vs chicken broth? I’ve also substituted the butter with coconut oil and Greek yogurt. Fantastic!!!! ; Purchase a block of high-quality Parmesan cheese.Always shred the cheese yourself, it will taste and melt much better. This recipe worked out great! I didn’t have meat defrosted. And as always, use your best judgement with modifications and substitutions. Love it. However overall it was a hit in my house. So good. You can still add the pasta in at the same time, but you may have to significantly reduce cooking time if using fresh pasta. I used skimmed milk and substituted some of the parmesan for gouda/emmental mix, and used dried parsley instead of fresh, but it was still creamy and yummy! My family ate it up. Pretty darn good! For me it only needed about 12-13 mins of simmer once it reached a boil. I halved the recipe since it was for 2 people and it says to serve right away, so I wasn’t sure what leftovers would taste like. Your recipes always look so amazing! We like a little heat. Weight Watchers Pasta with Garlic Sauce Recipe. Amazing and quick recipe. Even my three extremely picky eaters were gobbling it up!! AMAZING….I put in more garlic & some garlic salt. Add garlic; cook and stir 1 min. I roasted some cherry tomatoes in olive oil with salt and pepper and then instead of chopped parsley, I chopped fresh basil. Any recomendation on how long needed to cook it in this recipe? This was one of the first the came up in a google search and I am so thankful for it. I have made it 6 times already and still can not get enough of it. not the best pasta ever or that choped guges would enjoy. I added extra garlic cloves. This recipe will not work with fresh pasta. The easiest and creamiest pasta made in a single pot – even the pasta gets cooked right in the pan! When you buy pre-grated cheese, it is covered in unwanted substances/ingredients for all sorts of unnatural reasons. Many thanks. window.adthrive = window.adthrive || {}; Omg! It is definItely now part of our rotation. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I also added a lot more liquid – both milk and chicken broth. However, if it is not available for a specific recipe, it is best that you use free online resources at your discretion (you can Google “nutritional calculator”) to obtain such information. I made this for my family, and it was amazing! Yes you can, it will just change the flavor of course. Wish I had some shrimp to brown up & throw in at the end! Tonight I made this “carbonara” style with a handful of frozen peas and a little chopped up leftover ham. This recipe looks so easy and tasty, I am going to have my 13 year old make it this week–since I don’t have to worry about her spilling hot water on herself. Had it with cream of mushroom chicken breast, garlic baguettes and Cesar salad. I used whole wheat spirals and added sautéed zucchini and a few pieces of crumbled bacon. Add the heavy cream, chicken broth, garlic powder, italian seasoning, and parmesan cheese and stir … I am a really bad cook, i’m trying it again next week. Delicious! I’ll be making this again. Tag @damn_delicious on Instagram and hashtag it #damndelicious. This sounds so good! Made this last night – timing is pretty spot on, so I absolutely appreciated how quickly I was able to whip this up! I cant wait to make it. Damn Delicious is right! I added some bacon bits in and I was in heaven eating it! Added diced chicken and cooked with the garlic then added broth, milk, etc. How many calories were serving for this dish? My big issue is before softening, the fettuccine was difficult to stir in the limited amount of liquid. Hello my new favorite recipe. My only suggestion to those making this delicious recipe is to make sure and weigh your pasta — using even a little too much pasta will not give you that perfect sauce-to-pasta ratio that is achieved through exact measurements. It was so good! At the end, I add fresh chopped basil. Absolutely incredible. And each morning when I open my email, I’m always looking forward to see if a new recipe was mailed to me. Also, a nice cool accompaniment would be a cherry tomato/cucumber salad with Italian dressing and fresh ground pepper and sea salt. Made this as a side dish tonight. Would I use the same measurements and how much time would you set for pressure cooking this recipe? Consistency was perfect after a moderate simmer using thin spaghetti. I don’t want to use anything that will take away from your recipe. OMG YES. My whole family loved it and I will definitely keep it in my dinner rotation. or until evenly browned, stirring frequently. I seasoned shrimp with a Cajun seasoning and added frozen peas. That never happens. I’ve cooked this a bunch of times and had no issues. Used half and half in place of milk as it’s all I had. I made this twice today. 8 ounces uncooked fettuccine Refrain from adding cold ingredients into warm pasta when you prepare it. But unfortunately, without having tried this myself, I cannot answer with certainty. So any advice is welcome! Simple and simply delicious. Please understand that it is very difficult to give exact conversion information to translate a traditional stovetop recipe to the slow cooker method without further recipe testing. Used different pasta, 8 oz penne. Thank you – wonderful recipe!! May try with Romano cheese next time but that is saltier so have to be cautious with salt. But it turned out delicious with a couple of modifications. I make it so often, I basically have it memorized. Came out great. Thank you for sharing. This was amazing!! Thank you for sharing. The sauce didn’t stick to the pasta so I’m hoping that adding flour will help. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly. meal. Happy Cooking! The recipe calls to add milk for thinner sauce, but more chicken broth would add more flavor. Will definitively be making then again. Made this last night. I used spaghetti instead of fettuccine because it’s all I had. What’s not to like? Is there an option to make this without chicken broth? I’m signing up for your newsletter right now. Hello Chungah our family loves this recipe and it’s definitely one of my fast go to’s when I’m in a hurry. After slurping up the leftover sauce, my child said it is a great soup. And to Jude I used capellini and it was done much earlier than the 18-20 min for fettuccine. Wow, This is a great recipe. Sprinkle, if desired, with grated Parmesan cheese. I added a bag of grilled chicken and (microwave) steamed broccoli and we had a complete meal. A simple meatless meal. One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta 10 minutes20 minutesChungah Rhee hope it works out for you. It’s excellent. I wanted to ask you how much veggies/protein I can add without compromising the flavour? No muss! So excited to try some more! Yes they do- just cover the leftovers with plastic wrap or in a covered pot with a little milk. The flavor is good but the texture not so much as the noodles are tough love the flavor and idea of one pot pasta, but it just hasn’t quite worked for me. The flavor is great! Wow!!! love this pasta! I was still sceptical even when I put in the parm because it was very liquidy. Do I still simmer the sauce for 18-20 minutes adding the pasta at the end? If you love garlic, bump it up for this. I added cauliflower that was simmered in chicken broth, and then crumbled into medium pieces, and fresh shredded parsley. I used regular spaghetti because that’s what I had in the pantry. Only one pan made for an easy cleanup. ), White Wine and Garlic Mushroom Cream Sauce, Geez That's Good ! Serve over pasta, and top with green onions. Stir in … What kind of milk did you use? I love all of your dishes, they are so user friendly and all of the ingredients are so easy to get. Such an epic recipe!!! And it can really affect how your recipe turns out. Going to try that next. Pasta is one of my favorite foods. Super easy and fast I added cherry tomatoes to the pot after the pasta was cooked. I doubled the pasta and used Gemelli pasta instead of Fettuccine. http://www.thekitchn.com/food-science-salting-to-taste-49868, http://questfordelish.blogspot.com/2015/01/garlic-creamy-parmesan-pasta.html, http://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-difference-stock-vs-71199, https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/its-time-to-end-the-war-on-salt/, Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste, 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves. I was a little worried that the milk would curdle as a sauce (I used 2 percent) but everything worked out. Add garlic and cook, stirring frequently, until fragrant, about 1-2 minutes. Thank you for a delicious and easy meal! Thank you for posting. This time used 3/4 cup 2% and 1/4 cup half and half – we don’t ever have whole milk in the house. -Crystal, Sacramento (but from TEXAS). Thanks . It’s delicious. 5 stars!!! Wonderful & will certainly make again. I doubled recipe for leftovers. Thank you. This went into my bookmark folder. I’ve been trying to master a classic heavy cream Alfredo for the past few months and could never get it off the burner at the right moment so it always tasted funny. It’s really hard to say – sorry! If the mixture is too thick, add more milk as needed until desired consistency is reached. Thanks for sharing , Just made it.it was delicious.i used vegetable broth ( I am vegetarian )and put 2 cups of milk instead of one.really good, I,will do it again,thanks.i love your website, I made this using soy milk and added broccoli! I add extra garlic in addition to shallots. I’ll be making this again. This was really good. No way I could manage this online crowd but I am guessing it’s best to say nothing at all….as we know is the gospel truth. One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta Yield: 4 servingsprep time: 10 minutescook time: 20 minutestotal time: 30 minutesThe easiest and creamiest pasta made in a single pot – even the pasta gets cooked right in the pan! Any advice would be great! I replaced the fettuccini with multi-grain linguine and added a few veggies – carrots and green pepper . Thank u! Added a dash of cayenne pepper, one quick grate of nutmeg and then dusted with Parmesan from a block I purchased in Reggio Emilia while touring a cheese making facility last year. quick, easy and my kids enjoy making it with me. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/11920/garlic-butter-sauce-i
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