This was a prosecution of nine German subjects for sedition, conspiracy and lse-majest against the Russian emperor, and for the circulation of books and pamphlets attacking him and his government. On October 16, 1899 - the outstanding circulation then amounting to 46,000,000 pesos, - the government decreed an unlimited issue to meet its expenditures in suppressing the revolution, and later on the departments of Antioquia, Bolivar, Cauca, and Santander were authorized to issue paper money for themselves. In a similar way the more general state of motion may be analysed, given by w =r ch2('-y), y =a+, i, (26) as giving a homogeneous strain velocity to the confocal system; to which may be added a circulation, represented by an additional term in w. Flow, Circulation, and Vortex Motion.-The line integral of the tangential velocity along a curve from one point to another, defined by s v as + u'a s) ds =f (udx+vdy-}-zdz), (I) is called the " flux " along the curve from the first to the second point; and if the curve closes in on itself the line integral round the curve is called the " circulation " in the curve. Hypotension is the more common feature associated with obstruction of the pulmonary circulation. somebody going from home to school to home at the same times everyday. The circulation of The Daily Tribune was never proportionately great - its advocacy of a protective tariff, prohibitory liquor legislation and other peculiarities, repelling a large support which it might otherwise have commanded in New York. Circulation sentence examples. The largest circulation recorded in 1908 was about 150,000 copies daily, and the honor of attaining that exceptional figure belonged to the Osaka Asahi Shimbun. In some cases compression of blood vessels may also occur producing signs of poor peripheral circulation. There are many lottery scams in circulation from all over the world. The sub-surface circulation in the Atlantic may be regarded as consisting of two parts. The effect of an external circulation of vortex motion on the motion of a cylinder has been investigated in § 29; a similar procedure will show the influence of circulation through a hole in a solid, taking as the simplest illustration a ring-shaped figure, with uniplanar motion, and denoting by the resultant axial linear momentum of the circulation. in the human subject, often due to streptococci, the process is similar, but the organisms are found especially in the capillaries of the internal organs and may not be detectable in the peripheral circulation during life. Digitalis is used in therapeutics exclusively for its action on the circulation. For some years his influence in Russia was a living force, the circulation of his writings was a vocation zealously pursued. The elderly often suffer from poor circulation and lowered immunity and Ginkgo works well on both counts. 3) are often combined in one tank placed at a point above the level of circulation. in London from drawings and patterns sent over from New York, for weekly papers of large circulation. The discoveries of the separate paths of sensory and motor impulses in the spinal cord, and consequently of the laws of reflex action, by Charles Bell and Marshall Hall respectively, in their illumination of the phenomena of nervous function, may be compared with the discovery in the region of the vascular system of the circulation of the blood; for therein a key to large classes of normal and aberrant functions and a fertile principle of interpretation were obtained. A posthumous work entitled Contemplatio Philosophica was printed for private circulation in 1793 by his grandson, Sir William Young, Bart., prefaced by a life of the author, and with an appendix containing letters addressed to him by Bolingbroke, Bossuet, &c. Several short papers by him were published in Phil. Between 1840 and 1850 Graham's Magazine was the leading popular miscellany in the country, reaching at one time a circulation of about 35,000 copies. The money in circulation consists of a limited number of notes issued by the federal government, and the notes of the chartered banks, together with gold, silver and copper coin. 2. Buchan, " Specific Gravities and Oceanic Circulation," Trans. On the other hand, when the ulceration is old and the circulation through it poor, the aim of the therapeutist is to reawaken the normal reparative process, to bring about increased circulation and increased tissue change, and thereby insure healing. Contaminated heroin warning from DoH The Department of Health has issued an urgent communication about the possibility that contaminated heroin is back in circulation. : Outside the official investigation, a different story began to circulate. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. , Our library has so few magazines in circulation that we end up reading the same ones over and over. To these stories have been added others originating in Bagdad and Egypt and a few others, which were at first in independent circulation. 2. Define circulation. These sources then are " post-exilic," and the elimination of material first composed in that age leaves historical, legal and other material which was obviously in circulation (so, e.g., the non-priestly portions of Genesis). Such a circulation of air can only be effected by mechanical means when the workings are of any extent, the methods actually adopted being - (i) The rarefaction of the air in the upcast pit by a furnace placed at the bottom; and (2) Exhaustion by machinery at the surface. Such was the number of portraits, 2 busts and medallions of him in circulation before he left Paris that he would have been recognized from them by any adult citizen in any part of the civilized world.". CK 1 2218322 You're on television. Examples of circulatory in a sentence: 1. The pressure is great enough on prominent parts of body to restrict circulation in small service blood vessels. end of the lake), and the efforts of the Austrian police to prevent their circulation were completely powerless. It is clear that Swedenborg showed (150 years before any other scientist) that the motion of the brain was synchronous with the respiration and not with the action of the heart and the circulation of the blood, a discovery the full bearings of which are still far from being realized. On gaining an entry into the blood of a vertebrate the organisms pass rapidly into the general circulation, and are thus carried all over. In October 1906 the chartered banks had an aggregate paid-up capital of over $94,000,000 with a note circulation of $83,000,000 and deposits of over $553,000,000. Examples of Circulatory in a sentence The diagram shows how blood moves to different parts of the body through the circulatory system. 2 3.7 There may have been stories in circulation like that of Ea-bani (� 8), and even such as those of the Skidi Pawnee, in which "people" marry animals, or become animals. 20 examples: Nutrient recycling and oxygen availability are both dependent on circulation… Misled, however, into identifying it with magnetism, he imagined circulation in the solar system to be maintained through the material compulsion of fibrous emanations from the sun, carried round by his axial rotation. During an attack of fever he made observations on himself with reference to the action of quickened circulation upon thought, which led him to the conclusion that psychical phenomena were to be accounted for as the effects of organic changes in the brain and nervous system. But its circulation was limited, and only the second volume had appeared (1768) when Deyverdun went abroad. This led to the circulation of many editions of Josippon, which thus formed a link in the chain of events which culminated in the readmission of the Jews to England by Cromwell. splanchnic venous circulation can provoke a local inflammatory response leading to granuloma formation. During this period, which extended from the end of the 9th century to the middle of the 12th, we can enumerate about forty systematic collections, of varying value and circulation, which all played a greater or lesser part in preparing the juridical renaissance of the 12th century, and most of which were utilized by Gratian. overturning circulation, stopping all this extra heat reaching Northern Europe. Occasionally these translations were copied for circulation among officials, but the bulk of the people knew nothing of them. The circulation being always zero round a small plane curve passing through the axis of spin in vortical motion, it follows conversely that a vortex filament is composed always of the same fluid particles; and since the circulation round a cross-section of a vortex filament is constant, not changing with the time, it follows from the previous kinematical theorem that aw is constant for all time, and the same for every cross-section of the vortex filament. Obviously this slow circulation has but little effect on the rate at which the copper may be deposited. The circulation is maintained by the rhythmical contraction of the afferent vessel and by less regular contractions of some of the other vessels. showing that there was once a considerable literature in circulation regarding Manasseh's later history. The allimportant property of the drug is its action on the circulation. To counteract it celibacy was finally imposed on the clergy, and the great mendicant orders evolved; while the constant polemic of the Cathar teachers against the cruelty, rapacity and irascibility of the Jewish tribal god led the church to prohibit the circulation of the Old Testament among laymen. It is of course necessary in such cases that the circulation shall be perfectly free, in order to prevent the accumulation of steam under pressure in the interior of the casting. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. During this period the bank-note circulation was increased to $161,700,000, and two mortgage banks - the National Hypothecary Bank and the Provincial Mortgage Bank (of Buenos Aires) - flooded the country with $509,000,000 of cedulas (hypothecary bonds). When conditions so changed that government could free itself from its dependence on the baron, feudalism disappeared as the organization of society; when a professional class arose to form the judiciary, when the increased circulation of money made regular taxation possible and enabled the government to buy military and other services, and when better means of intercommunication and the growth of common ideas made a wide centralization possible and likely to be permanent. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. There were 34 chartered banks in Mexico in 1908, of which 29 enjoyed the privilege of issuing bank notes; the total note circulation on the 31st of December 1906 was 97,787,878 pesos. Circulation definition, an act or instance of circulating, moving in a circle or circuit, or flowing. This enhanced monsoon circulation is associated with enhanced precipitation over India. The new banknotes will go into (a) In the practice of the resistance method, both ends of a short bar are kept at a steady temperature by means of solid copper blocks provided with a water circulation, and the whole is surrounded by a jacket at the same temperature, which is taken as the zero of reference. According to Sir Thomas Fraser nothing else can compete with alcohol as a food in desperate febrile cases, and to this use must be added its antipyretic power already explained and its action as a soporific. The coinage in1906-1907was about £150,000 gold and £65,000 silver, and the total circulation in that year was estimated at £1,400,000 in gold coin and £600,000 in silver coin. inadvertent injection of drugs into the arterial circulation may result in vascular spasm with loss of tissue due to anoxia. The paper circulation consists of national and bank issues. This change of colour is chiefly occasioned by the diminished circulation in the leaves, and the higher degree of oxidation to which their chlorophyll has been submitted. The current coin consists largely of Mexican and Central and South American dollars; but little coin is in circulation. I've had poor circulation. Circulation of the blood, regulation of, T. 4. A disciple of Quesnay and of Gournay, he tried to repeat in great affairs the experience of liberty which he had found successful in small, and to fortify the unity of the nation and the government by social, political and economic reforms. The gold reserve in the possession of the Banca dItalia on September 30th 1907 amounted to 32,240,984, and the silver reserve to 4,767,861; the foreign treasury bonds, &c. amounted to 3,324,074, making the total reserve 40,332,919; while the circulation amounted to 54,612,234. neodymium isotope variations which are used to reconstruct changes in ocean circulation. Consisting of a sturdy plastic frame, these fabric mesh drying racks provide fantastic air circulation around your produce for the best possible results. He made a resolute attempt to reconstruct medicine on the two bases of the doctrine of the circulation of the blood and the new views of chemistry. 2. In practice the system works perfectly smoothly, the gold flowing in and out of the country through the agency of private banking establishments in proportion to the requirements of the circulation. Examples of circulation in a sentence, how to use it. Its most important feature on the theological as distinct from the political side was the endeavour to promote the circulation of the Bible in the vernacular, by encouraging translation and procuring an order in 1538 that a copy of the Bible in English should be set up in every church in a convenient place for reading. Training has a dramatic and very specific effect on the body's musculature and circulation. The sub-surface circulation in the … : Unfortunately the rabidly right-wing rag has a circulation in excess of 2.4 million and a readership of over 6 million. In order to facilitate circulation across the banks, underground passages have been built on the two sides of the river. Examples of 'circulation' in a sentence circulation. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Whatever impression was made by this report, or by other rumours of the event on which it was founded, was far exceeded, about 1165, by the circulation of a letter purporting to be addressed by Prester John to the emperor Manuel. CK 1 1839505 I saw Tom on television. In 1903 Congress adopted a gold dollar of 1.672 grammes weight .900 fine (equal to the U.S. gold dollar) as the monetary standard created a redemption bureau for the withdrawal of the paper circulation, prohibited the further issue of such currency, and authorized free contracts in any currency. The circulation of water in the Baltic proper must be considered apart from the circulation in the channels connecting it with the Circu1 North Sea; and in this relation the plateau connecting the islands Falster and Moen with the coast of Mecklen burg and Rugen must be taken as the dividing line. He allowed his supporters to suggest the offer of the regal title by putting in circulation an oracle according to which it was destined for a king of Rome to subdue the Parthians, and when at the Lupercalia (15th January 44 B.C.) Examples of circulation pattern in a sentence, how to use it. Regular exercise will improve blood circulation. 4. It is not surprising that with such maxims as these in his mouth, unguarded in his expressions and careless of his reputation, he should have afforded room for the circulation of many stories to his disadvantage.". These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Yet they were never assimilated by Kepler; while, on the other hand, the laws of planetary circulation he had enounced were strangely ignored by Galileo. On the eve of the crucial election of 1800, [Hamilton] wrote a bitter personal attack on the president (containing much confidential cabinet information), which was intended for private circulation, but which was secured and published by Aaron Burr, his legal and political rival. No organs of circulation or respiration are known; but the nervous system is well developed, and consists of a pair of ganglia corresponding with the limbs and connected by longitudinal commissural chords. Circulation definition is - orderly movement through a circuit; especially : the movement of blood through the vessels of the body induced by the pumping action of the heart. circulation. Define counter-urbanization. C. Dawson's biography of him worked a revolution in the circulation of missionary literature. Sixtus prided himself upon his hoard, but the method by which it had been amassed was financially unsound: some of the taxes proved ruinous, and the withdrawal of so much money from circulation could not fail to cause distress. "Challenger," " Oceanic Circulation," p. 30; J. These factors, in turn, affected how ocean circulations, and potentially climate, changed. The system is hermetically sealed after being pumped full of water, an expansion chamber in the shape of a pipe of larger dimensions being provided at the top of the system above the highest point of circulation. The monetary unit is io kronor gold, and gold pieces, not widely met with in circulation, are struck of 20, 10 and 5 kronor. 278+13 sentence examples: 1. , Our library says that it has the book in circulation but I am unable to find it anywhere. With a velocity function 49, the flow -f d 4 = 4)142, (2) (9) (to) (6) (22) Z Uy (I -a4,ic /r4), so that the flow is independent of the curve for all curves mutually reconcilable; and the circulation round a closed curve is zero, if the curve can be reduced to a point without leaving a region for which 4 is single valued. Give the physiology of the circulatory organs. encouraged the culture of silk, though without much result, had orchards planted and marshes drained; while though he permitted the free circulation of wine and corn, this depended on the harvests. The treatment helps soothe irritation and inflammation, stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the immune system and the lymphatic system. Varin in 1640 and the practice of hammering was forbidden in 1645.3 In England the new machinery was tried in London in 1561, but abandoned soon afterwards; it was finally adopted in 1662, although the old pieces continued in circulation until 1696. cease and the excess of the copper coinage be withdrawn from circulation. Not only are the general symptoms investigated, but it is necessary to carry out experiments'on the nerves, muscles, circulation, secretions, &c., so as to get a more exact knowledge of the reasons of the general action. The principal feature in the circulation in the depths of the Indian Ocean is a slow movement of Antarctic water northwards along the bottom to take the place of that removed from the surface by evaporation, and by currents in the lower latitudes. The second part of the circulation in the depth is the slow " creep " of water of very low temperature along the bottom. The bank-note circulation rose in proportion. By the end of the third year The New Yorker had reached a circulation of 9500 copies, and had sustained a total loss of $7000. In the South Atlantic the narrow land surfaces of Africa and South America produce comparatively little effect in disturbing the normal planetary circulation. Also, the general case for more violent atmospheric circulation globally is not borne out by palaeo-climate data. a free circulation of air through the pit. There were five deaths due to amniotic fluid embolism (where the fluid enters the mother's circulation ), fewer than previous reports. The biography, though worthless, had an immense circulation, and is to a considerable degree responsible for the traditional conception of Washington. This translation also quickly dropped out of circulation, but much of its content survived in marginal glosses. ocean circulation affects the Earth's climate. But his most original creation in this respect was the zone system, which immensely facilitated and cheapened the circulation of all wares and produce, and brought the remotest districts into direct communication with the central point at Budapest. In this apparatus, and with about one horse-power utilized at the transformer, the absorption of gas is 21 litres per hour ("The Oxidation of Nitrogen Gas," Trans. The rock-salt and cold water circulation can then be dispensed with. Provision for circulation of solution is made in the systems of copper-refining now in use. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. "What I'm fascinated by is that there's a'memory'in the ocean circulation patterns. In 1822 he resigned his offices at Marburg in order to devote his whole time to the defence of his views regarding Bible reading by the people, and to endeavour to promote the circulation of the scriptures. Nickel money is for 5, Io and 20 centimes, and the copper coinage has been withdrawn from circulation. In the Gulfs of Suez and Akaba, almost the only part of the Red Sea in which tidal phenomena are well developed, a sharply defined tidal circulation is found. Exercise improves the circulation. Definition of circulation noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. morgyn 1 39220 Turn down the television. A genial moist atmosphere must be kept up in the hottest houses during the growing season, with a free circulation of air admitted very cautiously by well-guarded ventilators. These events, although far more mischievous in the brain, the functions of which are far-reaching, and the collateral circulation of which is ill-provided, are seen very commonly in other parts. The paper's circulation has slumped to 90 000. Grosart edited from original manuscripts Selections from the Unpublished Writings of Jonathan Edwards of America (Edinburgh, 1865, printed for private circulation). An atom is no longer figured as indivisible, it is made up of more or less complex, and more or less permanent, systems in internal circulation. These infarcts are most common in organs provided with a terminal circulation, such as prevails in the kidney and spleen. The circulation soon reached what was then the immense figure of 7000. net migration from urban to rural areas. In the one case they are entirely restricted to the neighbourhood of the boil or ulcer, whereas in the other there is a general infection of the body, the organisms spreading to all parts and being met with in the spleen, liver, bone-marrow, &c., and (rarely) in the peripheral circulation. Then a single monthly magazine, with a circulation of a few hundreds, was all that the denomination possessed in the way of periodical literature; in 1906 its quarterlies, monthlies and weeklies were numbered by hundreds. (b) Another more serious controversy related to the circulation - chiefly through affiliated societies on the continent - of Bibles containing the Deutero-canonical books of the Old Testament. estuarine circulation in response to the tidal changes in turbulence. How to use circulatory in a sentence. Another word for circulation. Increased circulation brings vital nutrients and proteins to the sub dermal layers, leaving skin radiant, cleaner and healthier looking. Dr Alexander wrote a considerable number of theological works, which had a large circulation. Sometimes the patient is put to bed and the circulation is encouraged, especially on the surface of the body, by the use of hot spirits and water, or opium and ipecacuanha, while the outside of the nose is protected to a certain extent from loss of heat, and consequent irritation, by smearing it with a tallow candle or rubbing some ointment over the skin. My socks are too tight, and they are cutting off the circulation to my feet a bit. ‘The circulation of fluids that forms this new class of hydrothermal vents is driven by heat generated when seawater reacts with mantle rocks, not by volcanic heat.’ ‘One may reasonably assume that fluid circulation inside unconsolidated sediments must play an active role in settling sedimentary structures.’ In large doses the action of digitalis on the circulation causes various cerebral symptoms, such as seeing all objects blue, and various other disturbances of the special senses. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. on condition that the bank keeps ash in hand, gold and silver in equal quantities, equal to a third of the notes in circulation up to fio,000,ooo, and eqtial to half the amount issued above that sum. On the other hand, when it becomes atrophied the circulation becomes feeble, the face heavy and dull, the patient suffers from cold, the features glow lumpish, mental processes become sluggish, and bodily vigour diminishes. The circulation of air in any given division of the mine is further controlled and its course determined by temporary or permanent partitions, known as brattices, by the erection of stoppings, or by the insertion of doors in the mine passages and by the use of special airways. Definition of Circulation. CK 1 69881 Do you watch television? With what is termed the air circulation system the air is generally circulated by means of a fan, being drawn from the rooms through ducts, passed over a cooler, and returned again to the rooms by other ducts. 2. a. The total amount of such Treasury bills in circulation at the end of 1918 was roughly 7,400 millions of kronen. Find more ways to say circulation, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Any part of this issue assigned to private banks which might be withdrawn from circulation, owing to a deficiency in the legal reserve funds, was to be transferred to the Reichsbank. With this broader and more accurate knowledge of the conditions of the health of the circulation a corresponding efficiency has been gained in the manipulation of certain remedies and new methods of treatment of heart diseases, especially by baths and exercises. Societies were formed at Tiflis and in several European capitals for the circulation of pamphlets and newspapers, and secret societies, such as the Huntchagist, were instituted for more revolutionary methods. When William Harvey by his discovery of the circulation furnished an explanation of many vital processes which was reconcilable with the ordinary laws of mechanics, the efforts of medical theorists were naturally directed to bringing all the departments of medicine under similar laws. During 1905, nine cantonal Bible societies in Switzerland circulated altogether 71,000 copies; the Netherlands Bible Society reported a circulation of 54,544 volumes, 48,137 of which were in Dutch; the Danish Bible Society circulated 45,289 copies; the Norwegian Bible Society circulated 67,058 copies; and in Sweden the Evangelical National Society distributed about 110,000 copies. 155. When Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France appeared, in 1790, Paine at once wrote his answer, The Rights of Man first part appeared on the r3th of March 1791, and had an enormous circulation before the government took alarm and endeavoured to suppress it, thereby exciting intense curiosity to see it, even at the risk of heavy penalties. The cold pipes may be direct-expansion pipes in which the liquid evaporates, or they may be pipes or walls through which circulates an uncongealable brine previously cooled to the desired temperature. Thermohaline circulation is caused by density changes near the poles and equator. Both actions result in the drawing in of an intermediate layer of water from a distance which takes part in the double system of vertical circulation as is indicated in fig. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Under these regulations the entire coinage was put into circulation. 1 Lord Overstone reprinted in 1857, for private circulation, Price's and other rare tracts on the national debt and the sinking fund. However, we do hear of versions of Nestorian writers like Diodore of Tarsus being in circulation, and the Disputation of Archelaus proves that the current orthodoxy of eastern Armenia was Adoptianist, if not Ebionite in tone. Circulation; 1. This single cavity and its lining serve apparently for all those functions (digestion, excretion, circulation and often reproduction) which in more complex organisms are distributed among various cavities of independent and often very diverse origin. The notes of the Bank of Portugal in circulation amounted in value to about £14,000,000. atmospheric circulation or the distribution of extreme weather events may change. 1 people chose this as the best definition of circulation: The definition of circula... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The Egyptian pound is practically nonexistent, nearly all that were coined having been withdrawn from circulation. It is the circulation of commerce among ourselves. vcipKf, numbness) are those which besides producing sleep may in large doses depress the functions of respiration and circulation. In order to increase the circulation, he ventured on lithographing the letters. He held this position till 1848, and worked with a remarkable intensity - holding teachers' conventions, delivering numerous lectures and addresses, carrying on an extensive correspondence, introducing numerous reforms, planning and inaugurating the Massachusetts normal school system, founding and editing The Common School Journal (1838), and preparing a series of Annual Reports, which had a wide circulation and are still considered as being "among the best expositions, if, indeed, they are not the very best ones, of the practical benefits of a common school education both to the individual and to the state" (Hinsdale). Tho produced on a stencil duplicator, photocopies and electronic uploads give it an immense circulation among the militias. By the end of the fourth week it had run up a circulation of 6000, and by the seventh reached rr,000, which was then the full capacity of its press. After his death restorations of Apollonius's treatise De sectione determinata and of Euclid's treatise De porismatibus were printed for private circulation in xxv. appetite stimulant, as well as to improve circulation and relieve cramps. The action of this drug on the kidney is of importance only second to its action on the circulation. Circulation. The authorized note circulation is £6,354,494 and the actual note circulation in June 1906 was £6,310,243, two of the banks not being banks of issue. The North Atlantic being altogether cut off from the Arctic regions, and the vertical circulation being active, this movement is here practically non-existent; but in the South Atlantic, where communication with the Southern Ocean is perfectly open, Antarctic water can be traced to the equator and even beyond. Heart failure is an example of a problem with circulation. In 1881 he founded Knowledge, a popular weekly magazine of science (converted into a monthly in 1885), which had a considerable circulation. It is possible, therefore, that written works were in circulation among the learned, and that these contained varying interpretations which were likely to injure efforts to maintain a uniform Judaism. When a special poison has entered the wound at the time of its infliction or at some subsequent date, it is necessary to provide against septic conditions of the wound itself and blood-poisoning of the general circulation. William Harvey established the system of blood circulation in the seventeenth century. His papers were sensational in form and contents and had an enormous popular circulation. facilitate circulation in a sentence - Use "facilitate circulation" in a sentence 1. Both appear first in the 15th century, probably as results of the war for the Toggenburg inheritance (1436-50); for the intense hatred of Austria, greatly increased by her support of the claims of Zurich, favoured the circulation of stories which assumed that Swiss freedom was of immemorial antiquity, while, as the war was largely a struggle between the civic and rural elements in the Confederation, the notion that the (rural) Schwyzers were of Scandinavian descent at once separated them from and raised them above the German inhabitants of the towns. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. lymphatic circulation and immune system in and around the ear. 3. Starting from Lavoisier's discoveries, he held that life is metabolism, a perpetual circulation. Formula 4 Feet contains the amino acid arginine, which is the precursor for the formation of nitrous oxide in the tissue circulation. But sometimes, the swollen lymph nodes can block the circulation of tissue fluid. 1 Subsequent pontiffs continued to exhort the episcopate and the whole body of the faithful to be on their guard against heretical writings, whether old or new; and one of the functions of the Inquisition when it was established was to exercise a rigid censorship over books put in circulation. In this disease the face is heavy, puffy and expressionless, the lips thick, the speech slow, the hands shapeless and spade-like, the patient apathetic, the circulation slow and the extremities cold. Besides these contributions from his own pen, he did much for the series by suggesting subjects, by reviewing tracts written by others, and by lending to their circulation the weight of his personal influence. Of the Circulation in Infancy. The value of their land certificates or cartetle fondiarie (representing capital in circulation) rose from 10,420,000 in 1881 to 15,560,000 in 1886, and to 30,720,000 in 1891, but fell to 29,320,000 in 1896, to 27,360,000 in 1898, and to 24,360,000 in 1907; the amount of money lent increased from 1/2Io,44o,000 in 1881 to 15,600,000 in 1886, and 30,800,000 in 1891, but fell to 29,320,000 in 1896, to 27,360,000 in 1899, and to f2I,72o,000 in 1907. The continental arrangement, with its equatorial seaway, was partially responsible, in that it limited the oceanic circulation. The surface currents of the Pacific have not been studied in the same detail as those of the Atlantic, and their seasonal variations Circulation are little known except in the monsoon regions. A four-chambered heart, with a complete double circulation, and warm blood (less markedly so in the lowest group than in the rest of the class), distinguish mammals from existing reptiles, although not from birds. 2. While this treament by itself would aid recovery from nervous exhaustion, it would lessen appetite and thus interfere with nervous repair; but the want of exertion is supplied by means of massage, which stimulates the circulation and increases the appetite, so that the patient gets all the benefit of exercise without any exhaustion. The nature of this is not very easy to analyse, but as mental depression is closely associated with irritation of the vagus nerve and weakening of the circulation, it seems not at all unlikely that mountain air acts by accelerating the pulse and quickening the circulation, and thus creating a sense of well-being. The centres of the rotational movement are marked by " Sargasso Seas " in the north and south basins, but they are of small extent compared with the Sargasso Sea of the North Atlantic. Retinol plumps skin, thickens the epidermis, improves texture and blood circulation and repairs the signs of sun damage. The destruction of the plate for printing assignats, on the 18th of February 1796, did not prevent the drop in the forty milliards still in circulation. There is little definite circulation of water within the Mediterranean itself. These cookies do not store any personal information. CK 958845 Rumors of defeat were circulating. She did much by the circulation of petitions to secure the passage in New York in 1848 of a law giving a married woman property rights; and in the same year on the 19th and 20th of June in Seneca Falls, whither the Stantons had removed in 1847 from Boston, was held, chiefly under the leadership of Mrs Mott and Mrs Stanton, the first Woman's Rights Convention. The term ' sexual dissidence ' was put into circulation by Gayle Rubin twenty years ago in her key article ' Thinking Sex ' . used to be drawn up by his notary, Petrus Collivacinus of Benevento, his object being to supersede the collections in circulation, which were incomplete and to a certain extent spurious. Newspapers with weak circulation can cross the internet off their list of suspected culprits. The amounts of Turkish gold, silver and debased coinage in circulation are approximately £T16,500,000, in gold, £T8,70o,000 (940,000,000 piastres at 108) in silver mejidies and fractions, and 200,000,000 piastres in beshlik and metallik. Although the high temperature in an inflamed part is chiefly due to the increased circulation of blood in it, yet the presence of inflammation appears to cause increased formation of heat either in the inflamed part itself or in the body generally, because we rarely find inflammation exist to any extent without the temperature of the body being raised and a febrile condition produced. In November 1640 the Long Parliament succeeded to the Short, and sent Laud and Strafford to the Tower, and Hobbes, who had become, or thought he had become, a marked man by the circulation of his treatise (of which, " though not printed, many gentlemen had copies "), hastened to Paris, " the first of all that fled.". Besides these ten-mark pieces, there are Doppclkronen (double crowns), about equivalent in value to an English sovereign (the average rate of exchange being 20 marks 40 pfennige per LI sterling), and, formerly, half-crowns (halbe Kronen =5 marks) in gold were also issued, hut they have been withdrawn from circulation. It is protected for a long distance by moles, in which a break has been left in the Fischhauser Wiek, to permit of freer circulation of the water and to prevent damage to the mainland. A cyclonic circulation of the atmosphere is associated with a cyclonic circulation of the water of the ocean, as is well shown in the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic between the Azores and Greenland. Local papers that unfairly undermine local institutions to boost circulation will lose their readers ' trust. After May 1845 a semi-weekly edition was also printed, which ultimately reached a steady circulation of from 15,000 to 25,000. circulation definition is - orderly movement through a circuit; especially : the movement of blood through the vessels of the body induced by the pumping action of the heart. The great evaporation going on from the surface probably causes a slow vertical circulation in the depth, the salter colder waters sinking, and ultimately escaping to the Indian Ocean. The newspapers sacrificed theiraudience to their erudition and preferred classicism to circulation. A combination of the two kinds of remedy is sometimes useful, and chloral sometimes succeeds when other things fail, because it depresses the circulation as well as lessens the activity of the brain-cells. The silver boliviano, however, is rarely seen in circulation because of the cheaper paper currency. There are no alimentary canal or specialized organs for circulation or for respiration. During his college course he wrote a number of trivial pieces for a college magazine, and shortly after graduating printed for private circulation the poem which his class asked him to write for their graduation festivities. Antony set the diadem on his head he rejected the offer half-heartedly on account of the groans of the people. Attempts will be made to improve the coronary circulation in such patients. Ricci's pointed attacks on Buddhism, and the wide circulation of his books, called forth the opposition of the Buddhist clergy. hawthorn berries are also good for increasing the circulation. The highest points of the pipes are fitted with small taps, for the removal of air, which would retard circulation if allowed to remain. bilberry extract improves circulation to the eyes, and enhances oxygen and energy levels in eye tissue. Should the portion of tissue deprived of its circulation be contained in an internal organ, as is so often the case where the obstruction in the artery is due to embolism, it becomes converted into what is known as an " infarction.". These discoveries as a whole must be regarded as the greatest in physiology since that of the circulation of the blood by William Harvey. Taking this value of the kran, the values of the various nickel and silver coins in circulation work out as: This was owing to the depreciation of the copper coir~age from 1896 onwards, consequent upon there being an excess of coinage due to the excessive quantities formerly put in circulation from the mint. The circulation consisted of a deep meridional overturning cell and two shallow subtropical cells. An escharotomy can be performed as a prophylactic measure as well as to release pressure, facilitate circulation and combat burn-induced compartment syndrome. A series of sermons on the relation between the discoveries of astronomy and the Christian revelation was published in January 1817, and within a year nine editions and 20,000 copies were in circulation. Engineers, foremen, surveyors and labourers typically tend to circulate between the main industry players on daily, weekly, monthly and unfixed contracts. The accounts of the bank at the end of 1900 were as follows: capital, £8,750,000; reserve fund, £428,250; note circulation, £62,251,000; cash, £50,754,000. The public library, containing 922,348 volumes in January 1908, is the second library of the country in size, and is the largest free circulating library in the world (circulation 1907, 1,529,111 volumes). Then let the circulation return, and apply the ligature again. ZI /t = - (a - s) M'Q 2 sine cos ° - EQ sin() =[ - (a - (3)M'U+E]V (8) Now suppose the cylinder is free; the additional forces acting on the body are the components of kinetic reaction of the liquid - aM' (Ç_vR), - (3M' (-- E -FUR), - EC' dR, (9) so that its equations of motion are M (Ç - vR) _ - aM' (_vR) - (a - $) M'VR, (io) M (Ç+uR) = - OM' (dV+U R) - (a - ()M'UR - R, '(II) C dR = dR + (a - Q)M'UV+0V; (12) and putting as before M+aM'=ci, M+13M' = c2, C+EC'=C3, ci dU - c2VR=o, dV +(c1U+E)R=o, c 3 dR - (c 1 U+ - c 2 U)V =o; showing the modification of the equations of plane motion, due to the component E of the circulation. Marey, 1863) attention was drawn to the physical features of the circulation, to the signs of degeneration of the arterial tree, and less definitely to the fluctuations of blood pressure; but as we have said under the consideration of diseases of the heart, the kymographs of Ludwig and his pupils brought out these fluctuations far more accurately and completely. As from the " pamphlet of news " arose the weekly paper wholly devoted to the circulation of news, so from the general newspaper was specialized the weekly or monthly review of literaModern ture, antigrities and science, which, when it included Magazines. This was, however, not put into circulation; it was used first for paying off the Staatsnoten. Three of the Gospels have clearly been for some time in circulation; St Matthew's is used several times, and there are phrases which occur only in St Luke's, while St John's Gospel lies behind the eucharistic prayers which the writer has embodied in his work. use "circulation" in a sentence The total circulation of this newspaper is over 100,000. Circulation in a sentence. In the case of diphtheria Sidney Martin obtained toxic albumoses in the spleen, which he considered were due to the digestive action of an enzyme formed by the bacillus in the membrane and absorbed into the circulation. Give the hygiene of the circulatory organs. In the papal letters of the end of the 9th and the whole of the 10th century, only two or three insignificant citations of the pseudo-Isidore have been pointed out; the use of the pseudo-Isidorian forged documents did not become prevalent at Rome till about the middle of the 11th century, in consequence of the circulation of the canonical collections in which they figured; but nobody then thought of casting any doubts on the authenticity of those documents. 3. 2. High quality example sentences with “car circulation” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English The net effect of the surrounding land is, in fact, to reverse the seasonal variations of the planetary circulation, but without destroying its type. In the central parts of the two high-pressure areas there is practically no surface circulation. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. This may occur suddenly, as when the resistance is increased in the arterial system by a e on f sudden exertion or strain, and more slowly when the resistance is increased in the pulmonary circulation of the by inflammation of the respiratory passages. See more. He was astonished to observe the wide circulation of the theses both in the Latin and German versions. wards, so that the amount of cash required for circulation on the exchange became unreasonably excessive and an annoying waste of time was entailed. The conditions permit of the circulation of the alternating currents of low periodicity, which are used for operating the bells, but in respect of the battery the circuit is open until the subscriber lifts the receiver, when the hook switch, thus released, joins the transmitter with one winding of an induction coil in series across the circuit. Close planting also shuts down air circulation to the lower leaves, encouraging powdery mildew. Emerson (1797-1871) he published The School and the Schoolmaster, which had a large circulation and great influence. ... object The circulation of something is the passing of it around, or the spreading of it among a group of people. Interpreted dynamically the normal pressure of the surrounding fluid on a tube cannot create any circulation in the tube. There is practically neither gold nor silver in circulation, and the value of the banknotes is so fluctuating that trade is seriously hampered. Medical, legal and accounting businesses offer services that attract a wider circulation because it's so necessary for people — the prospective clients and targets — to resolve … This pumping action results in an extremely rapid circulation of the heating agent, enabling long distances to be traversed without much loss of heat. We might expect to find such a collection, in view of the numerous and important councils held in Gaul; but their decisions remained scattered among a great number of collections none of which had ever a wide circulation or an official character. short-term, repetitive, or cyclical movements that recur on a regular basis. From the known peculiarities of the distribution of temperature, it is probable that definite circulation of water is in the Pacific confined to levels very near the surface, except in the region of the Kuro Siwo, and possibly also in parts of the Peruvian Current. Thus a very strong heart, although it may be useful to its possessor for many years, driving the blood rapidly through the vessels, and supplying all his tissues with such abundant nutriment as to enable him to endure great exertion, mental or bodily, may in the end cause death by bursting a vessel in the brain, which might have resisted the pressure of a feebler circulation for years longer. For the special pathological details of various diseases, see the separate articles on Parasitic Diseases; Neuro-Pathology; Digestive Organs; Respiratory System; Blood: Circulation; Metabolic Diseases; Fever; Bladder; Kidneys; Skin Diseases; EYE Diseases; Heart Disease; EAR, &c.; and the articles on different diseases and ailments under the headings of their common names. Exfoliating a few times a week or body brushing daily can help the skin glow, boost circulation and helps combat cellulite. Define circulation. It has therefore a strong dynastic and Romanist tendency, and its circulation was permitted even at the time when most Bohemian books were prohibited and many totally destroyed. A much more moderate tone pervades the writings of the press since restrictions were entirely removed, and although there are now 1 775 journals and periodicals published throughout the empire, with a total annual circulation of some 700 million copies, intemperance of language, such as in former times would, have provoked official interference, is practically unknown to-day. The circulatory system, composed of the heart and blood vessels, functions to produce circulation. Newspapers.While in England a few important newspapers I have an immense circulation, the newspapers of Germany are much more numerous, but on the whole command a more limited sale. His works were translated and read abroad, and had an enormous circulation in Great Britain and the United States. In return, the Mint receives at its nominal value for recoinage the worn gold and silver coin which is withdrawn from circulation by the Bank of England and some other banks. 916 to the Eastern Recension of the Hebrew Text" (1899, for private circulation). All Rights Reserved. - In this process a current of steam, which is generated in a separate boiler and superheated, if necessary, by circulation through a heated copper worm, is led into the distilling vessel, and the mixed vapours condensed as in the ordinary processes. Provisions are also made for continuing the coinage of " trade dollars " for export, which have a wide circulation in the Orient but are not current at home. Money, "the great wheel of circulation," is altogether different from the goods which are circulated by means of it; it is a costly instrument by means of which all that each individual receives is distributed to him; and the expenditure required, first to provide it, and afterwards to maintain it, is a deduction from the net revenue of the society. The Caps struck at once at the weak point of their opponents by ordering a budget report to be made; and it was speedily found that the whole financial system of the Hats had been based upon reckless improvidence and c prof the wilful misrepresentation, and that the only fruit of their long rule was an enormous addition to the national debt and a depreciation of the note circulation to onethird of its face value. It is legally equivalent to the silver peso, which continues in circulation. 5. the self-regarding actions of men) which alone, by means of inventions and the circulation of capital in connexion with luxurious living, stimulate society into action and progress. For in a rigid body, rotating about Oz with angular velocity the circulation round a curve in the plane xy is x ds yds) ds = times twice the area. n. 1. North of the equator the surface circulation is under the control of the monsoons, and changes with them, the currents consisting chiefly of north-east and south-west drifts in the open sea, and induced streams following the coasts. I would rather ride on earth in an ox cart, with a free circulation, than go to heaven in the fancy car of an excursion train and breathe a malaria all the way. In 1826 the society finally resolved that its fundamental law be fully and distinctly recognized as excluding the circulation "of those Books, or parts of Books, which are usually termed Apocryphal.". On the other hand, a heart that is too feeble may cause its owner's death by its inability to carry on the circulation against increased - resistance. : Support the Indian Medical Association in condemning the practice of female feticide and circulate national medical associations with a statement on the issue. A pocket of beads in the inner center back wall of the leg section enhances blood circulation. CK 1 238769 Blood circulates through the body. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. , The old wives tale has been in circulation for many years, being passed down from generation to generation. If at any points of a vortex line the cross-section ABC, A'B'C' is drawn of the vortex filament, joined by the vortex line AA', then, since the flow in AA' is taken in opposite directions in the complete circuit ABC AA'B'C' A'A, the resultant flow in AA' cancels, and the circulation in ABC, A'B'C' is the same; this is expressed by saying that at all points of a vortex filament wa is constant where a is the cross-section of the filament and w the resultant spin (W. = -dQ+1dg2, and integrating round a closed curve (udx+vdy+wdz) =0, and the circulation in any circuit composed of the same fluid particles is constant; and if the motion is differential irrotational and due to a velocity function, the circulation is zero round all reconcilable paths. He was an eloquent preacher, but his reputation rests chiefly on his expository works, which are said to have had a larger circulation both in Europe and America than any others of their class. Such currents, due to the banking up of water, have a large share in setting the depths of the sea in motion, and so securing the vertical circulation and ventilation of the ocean. He published the story of his life, Twenty-five Years in the Secret Service, and it had an immense circulation. In 1851 further attempts were made to withdraw the paper money from circulation, but these were interrupted by the Crimean War, and the government was, on the contrary, obliged to issue notes of 20 and io piastres. 00 ab2dX °0 ab2dX (22) L (I JS)' (18) (t9) This impulse will remain of constant magnitude, and fixed relatively to the body, which thus experiences an additional reaction from the circulation which is the opposite of the force required to change the position in space of the circulation impulse; and these extra forces must be taken into account in the dynamical equations. But detailed studies of the circulation of the water in any small area show deviations from the calculated results that are to be expected: thus Nansen's investigation of the Norwegian sea shows that the main directions of streaming of the water are broken up by numerous large and small vortices. In physiological matters he is in advance of Aristotle and Galen, though we can hardly assert - as has sometimes been thought - that he anticipated Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood. monsoon circulation is associated with enhanced precipitation over India. This was published at Cambridge, apparently for private circulation, almost immediately after Herbert's death, and a second imprint followed in the same year. 3. anticlockwise circulation appears to operate around the bank. The body is held fixed, and the reactio of the mechanism and the resultant of the impulsive pressure on th surface are a measure of the impulse, linear,, , and angula A, µ, v, required to start the circulation. By far the greater proportion of those constituents remains in circulation in the manure of the farm, whilst the remainder yields highly valuable products for sale in the forms of meat and milk. There must have been many imperfect copies in circulation, from which people transcribed such sections as they found or chose, and afterwards completed their MS. as occasion served. Rhabdomyolysis occurs when the damage results in the release of cellular contents into the systemic circulation. Whether pipes in the rooms or air circulation give the best results is to some extent a matter of opinion, but at the present time the tendency is decidedly in favour of air circulation, at any rate for general cold storage purposes. He saw that the amount of money in circulation did not constitute the wealth of the community, and that the prohibition of the export of the precious metals was rendered inoperative by the necessities of trade. The means of producing sleep may be divided into two classes: those (r) which lessen the circulation, and which (2) diminish the excitability of the brain cells. lottery scams in circulation from all over the world. debased the coinage in 1526 to compete with the great number of inferior foreign pieces in circulation. Armstrong before the London Chemical Society on the 31st of October 1901 contained many personal details of Frankland's life, together with a full discussion of his scientific work; and a volume of Autobiographical Sketches was printed for private circulation in 1902. The Reformation quickened men's interest in the Scriptures to an extraordinary degree, so that, notwithstanding the adverse attitude adopted by the Roman Church at and after the council of Trent, the translation and circulation of the Bible were taken in hand with fresh zeal, and continued in more systematic fashion. The Word "Television" in Example Sentences Page 1. Whatever be the ancestral cell from which these cells spring, it is in the bone marrow that we find a differentiation into the various marrow cells from which are developed the mature corpuscles that pass from the marrow into the blood circulation. It rose within a short time after its establishment to a circulation of 20,000, reached 50,000 and 60,000 during the Civil War, and thereafter ranged at from 30,000 to 45,000. 527 The organs of circulation cannot be dealt with here; the most important addition made to our knowledge in recent years being found in the contributions of F. The book appeared on the 23rd of June 1863; before November sixty thousand copies of it were in circulation. Because it is a sign of circulatory issues, the doctor was concerned about the restricted blood flow in the patient’s left leg. The "dolce libriccino," the famous Trattato utilissimo del beneficio di Gesu Christo crocifisso verso i christiani, which was the composition of a Sicilian Benedictine and had been touched up by the great latinist Flaminio, just appeared at Mantua in 1542 under the auspices of Morone, and had a wide circulation (over 40,000 copies of the second edition, Venice 1543, were sold). He formed a comprehensive theory of the variations of climate with latitude and season, and was convinced of the necessity of a circulation of water between the sea and rivers, though, like Plato, he held that this took place by water rising from the sea through crevices in the rocks, losing it .s dissolved salts in the process.
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